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Top 10 online casinos
1. Mansion Casino Mansion Casino★★★★★
$5000 Bonus
3. 888 Casino 888 Casino★★★★★
$200 Bonus
4. Royal Panda Royal Panda★★★★
$100 Bonus
5. Casino.com Casino.com★★★★
$3200 Bonus
6. Club777 Club777★★★★
$777 Bonus
7. Amsterdams Casino Amsterdams Casino ★★★★
$555 Bonus
8. Reefclub Casino Reefclub Casino★★★
$200 Bonus
9. Slotsheaven Slotsheaven★★★
$400 Bonus
10. Wink Slots Wink Slots★★★
$500 Bonus

Casino Game Guide

Sun 24 September 2017 Casino Game Guide

Blackjack In a game of blackjack you are playing against the dealer not other players. The aim of blackjack is not to go bust ( having a hand over 21 ) and try to achieve blackjack ( 21 ) If not and you haven't gone bust then you win by having a higher hand than the dealer. The value of an ace is 1 or 11 depending on wether or not it is going to make you go bust! 2 - 10 are face value and J,Q,K are valued at 10. So to start you place a bet, lets say 1 chip. 2 cards are dealt to you face up and two to the dealer ( one card showing ).

Depending on the value of your cards you will decide to stick or hit ( another card will be dealt ) . If you stick the dealer will show his card and the closest to 21 wins. If you hit another card will be dealt to you and the dealer at which point you decide to stick or hit and again the nearest to blackjack (21) will win. OR Try out blackjack at Jackpot City Roulette Roulette is one of the easiest games to play. The roulette table has 36 numbers and either one or two zeros. You can place a bet by positioning chips on the table in the following ways: Straight Bet- This is simply placing a chip or multiple chips on one number. This will pay out 35 to 1 if your number comes in. Split Bet- This is placing a bet on two adjacent numbers. This will pay out 17 - 1. Street Bet- This is placing a bet on three numbers in a horizontal line. This will pay out 11 to 1.

Corner Bet- You can bet on four numbers with one chip which pays you 8 to 1.

Line Bet- Betting on six numbers in two adjacent rows pays you 5 to 1.

Columns – You can also place a bet on 12 numbers in a column. Pays 2 to 1. Red / Black – You can simply bet on red or black. This pays even money 1 to 1. Odd / Even – You can bet on an odd or even number. Pays even money 1 to 1. Low / High – You can bet that the ball will land on a low number(1-18) or a high number (19-36). This pays even money 1 to 1. Dozens – you can place a bet on either the first dozen numbers (1-12), the second dozen (13-24), or the third dozen (25-36). Pays 2 to 1. OR Try out roulette at Europa Casino