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Top 10 online casinos
1. Mansion Casino Mansion Casino★★★★★
$5000 Bonus
3. 888 Casino 888 Casino★★★★★
$200 Bonus
4. Royal Panda Royal Panda★★★★
$100 Bonus
5. Casino.com Casino.com★★★★
$3200 Bonus
6. Club777 Club777★★★★
$777 Bonus
7. Amsterdams Casino Amsterdams Casino ★★★★
$555 Bonus
8. Reefclub Casino Reefclub Casino★★★
$200 Bonus
9. Slotsheaven Slotsheaven★★★
$400 Bonus
10. Wink Slots Wink Slots★★★
$500 Bonus

Play online roulette and win

Tue 19 September 2017 Play online roulette and win

There is no doubt that online roulette is the gambling king. The wheel image is the first one that comes to our mind when we think about playing on any type of casino.

The roulette online rules are the same as in any physical casino. The croupier spins the wheel and throws a little white ball. Once the move is over and the ball falls in a number, the winners receive their chips.

You can play to a single number, to two, four, a line, pair or odd, black or red. Depending on the probabilities of winning you will receive the return. Easily, playing to a single number gives you, in most casinos, 35 to 1. While playing colours pays 2 to 1.

Take into accounts that there are roulettes that have a zero and also a double zero, so check out the type of roulette you want to play in. The French or European has only a zero and 37 numbers in total. In the opposite side, we have the American roulette is the one possessing a zero and a double zero, accounting for 38 numbers in total.

There lots of roulette strategies, and maybe the most famous one is the Martin Gale. This system is simple: You bet £2 to red, and you lose. You play again to red, but you double your bet: £4. Let’s say that you lose again, so you must double again your bet to £8, staying in the red colour, and so on until you win. Once you win, following the example, when you bet £8 you will receive a £8 return. So your total earning is £2.

The system seems invincible, but the truth is obvious for any casino games player. You money is not infinite to keep doubling your bet, and once the number gets big, you may be run out of money before you can win. Also, a mathematical scheme shows that the real probability in a short range of spins is not 50-50.

What I’m trying to say is quite simple, stay away from people offering the secret formula to win in the roulette or in any other casino game. We are talking about odds and luck. So play with one thing on mind: You want to have fun!

I’m not saying is impossible to win, I’m just saying there are no magical ways to do it.

Finally, if you don’t trust in any software to decide about your bets, your best option is to play live roulette online. This simple means, that instead of getting programmed results, you will be dealing with a real person that makes everything like in a brick and mortar casino. The results and the experience have nothing to envy to the best casino you’ve visited.

I can say base in experience that nothing compares to the live online roulette; simply, I cannot play roulette in a platform that looks like an arcade game. Obviously, there are many software’s very sophisticated, but they still lack the emotion that only humans can bring to you. So make your choice, play, have fun and win!